Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Like women’s fashion, there are words and phrases which come into our daily lives at light speed and disappear equally fast. Very few stick around to become part of our long term vocabulary. I have experienced this in all facets of life over the years whether in College/Corporate world/ Indian movies or in the investing space.

I of course rue words and phrases which are dear to me disappear gradually from the popular vocabulary. For Ex the word “Zulf” was so intrinsic to Hindi romantic songs but has been gradually replaced by the crude “Baal”.

When I was in management school the word “ Paradigm” had just emerged as the new paradigm of corporate lingo and everything kept moving to newer paradigms. Paradigm though still used fairly extensively has now been replaced by a more easy to pronounce “ Plane”. We all now seem to moving onto different planes and of course try to land on the “Same Page”.

The investing world also has its fair share of words and phrases that come and go like flavours of the month. It was with much amusement that I was recollecting just about 6 – 12 months back one of the most popular pair of words that most TVanchors and pink newspapers were mouthing was “ Coupling” and “ Decoupling”. I am sure most of you have a wry smile about this one.

Readers would recollect we used to be “Coupled” one week and miraculously used to get “Decoupled” the next week and again get coupled the next week. It was like speed dating and I thought it would have been easier to track Liz Taylor’s everchanging marital status than figuring out where our markets were in their love affair with global markets.

I of course am not so sure whether we are currently coupled or decoupled though our correlation or the lack of it with the global markets remain the same.

A new phrase that I m increasingly hearing for the last 6 months and has entered the Tv anchors lingo is “Risk Aversion”. It would be interesting to see how long “ Risk Aversion” lasts or will it also disappear gradually if markets go up.

To end, a nice phrase from the English romantic poet William Wordsworth

The mind that is wise mourns less for what age takes away; than what it leaves behind.


Neeraj Marathe said...

You should be cautiously optimistic while writing such posts :-)

Ninad Kunder said...


I m currently "equal weight" while writing the blog without a "Positive or Negative Bias" :-).



Abhi said...
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Abhi said...

Heard on CNBC:
"Market is testing the Nifty level of 5000 (Nifty was at 5030 at the time). 5000 acts as psychological barrier."

Now, I was expecting some dramatic collapse after nifty crosses 5000. Something bad is going to happen.
Eager to listen what will follow next.

"Once it crosses 5000 the next level to watch is 4900."

What!I was disappointed. No calamity! All you TV anchors can do is keep watching Nifty levels.
I guess when it reaches 4900 next level to watch is 4800,what was sense in reporting these levels?

Suhail said...

Let's not try to kick the can down the road lest we be left holding an empty bag of some rich bankster's golden parachute :-)


rapidriser said...

Hi Ninad - Would love to hear your take on the Alfa Laval de-listing if you have studied it in detail

Ninad Kunder said...

Hi rapiriser

havent analysed it yet. Currently tracking the UTV delisting.