Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hungry Kya ?

Are we Indian’s more hungry than the Americans. Afterall what else can justify the following comparison

Jubliant Fooodworks ( Domino’s Franchisee) -  Dec quarter
Market Cap - 1500 crores
Sales – 117 crores
Profit - 11 crores
P/E- 30

Domino’s Pizza ( US – parent company) - Sept quarter
Market cap - 3000 crores
Sales – 1350 crores
Profit - 82 crores
P/E- 9.74

So we have the Indian company which is just a licensee of the Domino’s brand and doesn’t even own it sells at 3 times PE of the parent company.

I guess one needs to have a appetite for it. I am off on a diet.


Ayush said...

Nice work!!! :)

Arpit said...


There are going to be many investors, who after a year or two, will not be able to stand the sound and bite of Domino.. :-)

Saif said...

hello arpit..
how do we get financial data of companies for past 10 years or more..most companies list max only past 3 years data and mcontrol and others have max 5 years..
what is your data source..could you please share some useful links.