Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paradox of Choice - Prof Barry Schwartz

Prof Barry Schwartz's Talk on the "Paradox of Choice" at the TED conference. It has very interesting implications beyond the fact of why we still savour the limited choices that Doordarshan used to offer as opposed to the plethora of channels now which seem to have nothing to offer.

As the markets offer us more and more instruments and asset classes like equities, debuntures, options, gold, copper, art, interest rate futures, forex futures etc, we start spreading ourselves thin not willing to limit or restrict our choices to particular asset classes.


Sachin8778 said...

Hey Ninad,

Thanks for sharing this. Indeed worth listening/watching. I agree to the idea -- Low expectation is the key to happyness.


Ankur Jain said...

Hi Ninad,

Indeed true . Too many choices spoil the decision making process.

Thanks for sharing the talk.

Best wishes


Ninad Kunder said...

Hi Sachin

Plan to write a follow up post on this topic. I think the key is to be able to mentally give up on a few options in life.



Ninad Kunder said...

Hi Ankur

I m sync in with you that. Also too many choices result in sub optimal decisions and to use a term from marketing PPD - Post purchase disonance.



Nandy said...

A very engaging talk. Has repurcussions in many spheres, personal, professional etc. 'Everything was better back then, when everything was worse!'. How true! Thanks for sharing the video.

Ninad Kunder said...

Hi Nandhitha

You are right the implications of the talk is across the entire spectrum of life. From what stock to buy to what extra curicular activities that we subject our children to.