Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flurry of activity - Altered Annual Averages

Last week was a flurry of activity for me in terms of the transactions done in the market. I think I managed to alter my annual averages. I tend to rarely trade so it is invariably 1 or 2 transactions a month on which I would disturb my broker.
Solvay Pharma
I had written earlier on Solvay Pharma after the global announcement by Abbott Labs to takeover the Pharma division of Solvay Pharma globally.

I had entered the stock with the thought of seeing where the market prices the stock post the announcement. The stock has finally settled around the 900-920 mark and I exited the stock with a nominal loss. Will now wait and monitor to look at opportunities where the market could potentially misprice the stock. Afterall there is atleast 6-9 months before the open offer could get announced.

Abbott Labs
I had originally posted on Abbott Labs here.
I had also written about the Solvay acquisition seems to have unintended consequence to the Abbott stock. I exited 50% of my holding in Abbott around the 735 mark. The stock has given me a 36% return versus the Bse sensex which has delivered about 3% return in the same time frame. I haven't factored a additional 3% dividend return and the share buyback that happened along the way.

Suashish Diamonds
I entered and exited Suashish Diamonds on last Friday. One of the few day trades that I would have done. Will write a separate post on this interesting case.


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