Thursday, September 25, 2008

Balaji Telefilms – Smoke on the water

I had put a earlier post on Balaji Telefilms commenting on the divorce with the Star Group and how things could play out in terms of the Star stake sale.

Last few days I have been seeing a flurry of news items on the company. It started with news article stating that the company is planning to setup its own Hindi channel. So from a content provider it would make its transition to become a general entertainment channel. The divorce with Star clearly made sense as they would start competing in the same space. However this is speculation which the company has denied

It was followed by news reports that Balaji is taking over 9x channel from Indrani and Peter Mukhreja.

Too many news items swirling around. Clearly there is some fire smouldering somewhere which is generating all this smoke.

Plan to monitor this and analyse the business a little more.

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